Acts in passanger transport (short page)

1. List of acts, regulations

Citizen code - 89/2012 Coll.
Act about road transport 111/1994 Coll.
Act about rail transport 266/1994 Coll.
Regulation of passanger transport 175/2000 Sb. of ministery
Old regulations of public transport (invalid): 127/1964 Coll. (municipal), 132/1964 Coll. (rail), 133/1964 Coll. (road)

2. Conditions of transporters

Regulation 175/2000 Coll. determine the content of conditions: Directions for transport of childern, baby-carriages, handicapped people, condition for luggages etc.

Act says pricelist of fines for black passangers is in conditions.

3. Explain of acts and regulations

Ticket inspector shows button or card.

Passanger without valid ticket pays to inspector fine upto 1500 CZK per person and fare.
Passanger does´t pay it, he gets off and he shows his ID card.

Smoking is not allowed in bus, train, tram ... and on platform. (Fine upto 1500 CZK)

Provisions for protect consumers (passanger).

4. Verdicts of courts

Czech only.

Information on this pages are balanced: Here are for inspectors right and duty and for passangers right and duty too.

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